New York City Mayor Wants Everybody To Eat A Sandwich Right Now

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg just provided some crucial advice for his 8 million constituents bracing for what is being widely described as an unprecedented, possibly devastating and uniformly scary weather event hitting the five boroughs later this evening. "Have a sandwich out of the fridge. Sit back, and watch the television." OK, we can get behind this advice — though, not sure if "have a sandwich out of the fridge" implies that you should be refrigerating your bread. This, you should not do. But sandwiches are perfect for storms because you can assembly line a couple days worth in little time. Here are some recipes that might inspire you:

And on the topic of watching TV, good idea. It's better than working. The Awl has a nice roundup of good things on Netflix.

Or you can take our advice with the 9 things to do to avoid boredom during a hurricane.