3 New Books To Man Up Your Coffee Table

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If your coffee table's current spread features a pile of fading magazines from last year and some stolen coasters, it's time to refresh. Chuck anything that hasn't been read since 2011, load up on the newest issues of GQ and Esquire, and up your game with an eye-catching new book or two.

Here are three solid choices. Between the beer and the whiskey books alone — and the potential pairings of booze — you've got your weekends covered well on through 2013.

No explanation required, 101 Whiskies To Try Before You Die offers up a curated selection of whiskies from around the globe that every self-respecting enthusiast should have a dram of.[/caption]
Better know your favorite chef: More than just your standard survey of skin art, Forever: The New Tattoo looks at the influences behind ink and its mass appeal.[/caption]
For anyone who's never been on a brewery tour, The World Atlas of Beer will be an educational guide to suds and their production. More familiar drinkers will appreciate the current listing of 500-plus of the world's most exceptional beers.[/caption]