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We love Kickstarter projects, especially when they involve self-published illustrated cookbooks devoted to the dishes of Latin America. Artist Marcella Kriebel traveled to Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and Puerto Rico to research Comida Latina. The book, which is currently “funded” but in need of additional support, includes recipes, an overview of Latin American cheeses available in the U.S. and pages describing various methods of chili preparation, how to prepare cactus and tips for frying foods. She writes:

“Over the past five months I have been working hard to create an illustrated cookbook of my favorite Latin American dishes. The book is ready! Help me produce a high quality cookbook with a handmade appeal. I have hand lettered every page, and each recipe features a unique style, layout and my original watercolor artwork.”

The funding prizes are great too, including recipe post cards, signed prints and the actual book (if you plunk down $55 or more). Check out the video below, as well as some of the prints from the book — which Kriebe hopes to have finished by mid-December. Did we just do your holiday shopping for you?

Gazpacho recipe.

The author’s favorite tools in the kitchen.

Arroz con Pollo recipe.