Photos: Disgusting Cakes Meant To Evoke Syphilis And The Black Plague

Cakes add a layer of deliciousness to the celebratory moments of our lives: think birthdays, weddings or if you're like us, breakfast. They are supposed to look attractive and taste even better. But London's Pathology Museum doesn't seem to agree. On October 26, the museum is opening an exhibition showcasing cakes that illustrate repulsive medical conditions such as syphilis and the plague — using chocolate, butterscotch and vanilla. How appetizing does that sound? As the Brits would say, would you fancy a bite of maggot-infested cupcakes? How about a slice of a smokers lung? We think not. Check out these repulsive creations below. [via The Guardian]

Ear cake pops to nibble on[/caption]
The effects of tobacco in chocolate cake form[/caption]
Herpes and genital warts now in cupcake form[/caption]
Brainy red velvet cupcakes [/caption]