This Is What The Google Cafeteria Looks Like. Did Somebody Just Get Fired?

Does Adam Roberts, creator of the award-winning food blog The Amateur Gourmet, know something that we don't? In a recent article, he writes in detail about his trip to give a talk at Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA, complete with lunch at one of the largest cafeterias on site. At this lunch, he was "allowed to take lots of pictures."

Interesting. From almost everything we've heard about both Google and likeminded competitors, they are especially stringent about keeping details regarding cafeterias and eating options in-house. Yet Roberts is able to provide an array of pictures, ranging from the diverse offerings at the salad bar to a sign explaining Google's own menu labeling symbols. "R" stands for raw, "R*" stands for raw and vegetarian and "R**" stands for raw and vegan. Pretty complex stuff here, people. But we figure the Google minions are quick on the uptake.

We're also able to learn that the company provides their employees with some pretty incredible food and that Google colors are present virtually everywhere possible, from the chairs in the cafeteria to signs advertising trays and towels.

Just when Roberts has us believing that he has somehow gained Google's trust and has been given permission to put all this on display, he mentions that he is "whisked upstairs where his memory is erased." Wait, what? Seems like our friend is going to have to live in constant fear of a computer nerd goon visiting him at home and snapping off his thumbs.