We're Reminded That DJs Eat Extremely Well

I took out my headphones. There, I'm ready for DJ Week: a Food Republic tradition in which we pool our music industry resources and ask our favorite DJs to take photos of their food for us. It's just as simple as that. DJs eat — usually extremely well — which is why we like interviewing them so much. Notorious food-eater Tittsworth ate live, wriggling octopus once. But that's not what's for lunch, unless you really, really want it to be.

We're in the process of putting together this year's coverage (debuting in a couple of short weeks), so I thought I'd revisit some of last year's best moments. If I were to have lunch with any of the DJs I've interviewed, either again or for the first time, here's what we'd be having, and where. Quick thing: I was not involved in Markus Schultz's "smoked fish" incident.

This year's DJ Week starts November 5, so get excited for awesome eats from Miami, San Francisco, Milan, Toronto, Barcelona and beyond. Got a burning food question you've always wanted to ask a DJ, like "hey, where'd you get that sandwich?" Tweet us at @foodrepublic and we'll be sure to pass along the query.

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