Video Proof That McDonald's French Fries Are Not Made In A Test Tube

Since late last year, McDonald's has aired a number of commercials detailing how the multi-national fast food conglomerate hires actual farmers to grow actual produce for their Angus Bacon and Cheese Snack Wraps. Today we find yet another example of the company's farm-to-freezer-to-sadness practices with a profile of a potato farmer in Grand Falls, New Brunswick. No, not the Charles In Charge New Brunswick. We're talking about Canada! It is in this great city to the north where we find Levesque Farm and the McCain Processing Plant, two major players in McDonald's national French fry strategy. We'll let you determine if this makes you fell a little better the next time you Super Size. Or, how about this: Do it yourself. And skip the Double Quarter Pounder and medium orange drink too.

Not into cooking or lame McDonald's Canada commercials? Luckily for your viewing enjoyment, those eastern Canadian accents and all the spud talk reminded us of a hilarious old John Candy sketch from SCTV, where he plays a Tom Selleck–like detective hunting potato thieves in Magnum PEI (it starts at around :25):

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