Thanksgiving Is A Month Away. Time To Get Excited. Time To Start Planning!

Thanksgiving is our Super Bowl at Food Republic. Straight up. Why? Because there is not one day on the calendar that brings together more of the elements that we stand for: Thinking about cooking, talking about cooking, cooking, drinking some, eating, cooking more, eating more, drinking more. And then there are the leftovers the next day to deal with. Here's how it all went down last year for the editors and FR friends like Ruth Reichl.

So, we are here to remind you on this fine Monday morning that you are currently on the Thanksgiving clock, 30 days and counting, to get your Thanksgiving game plan sorted out. And you think because you're going to Aunt Amy's house for Turkey Thursday that you are off the hook? Think again. Remember, a good guest always brings along a dish to pass — and an extra hand in the kitchen. So you guys have to plan a little bit too.

But you don't have to start stressing out. This being a Monday is already a bummer enough. We're going to be here for the next month with A LOT of articles to help you out. We'll have pro tips from chefs and a gear guide for upgrading your kitchen. We'll have a wine guide and a brown liquor guide and a guide for various stuffing scenarios. Want to know how celebrity chef Amanda Freitag brines a turkey? We got you. Want to know what songs Thanksgiving expert Sam Sifton plays in his home kitchen the morning of the big day? We got you.

But, most importantly, we will have recipes. Lots and lots of recipes. We suggest you check these out and start practicing now. Side dishes and ethnic breads. Cocktails and pumpkin pancakes for the morning after. And speaking of the next day, it's also a big day for us. Look to Food Republic over the next day on ways to prepare the best day-after lunch you could ever imagine. It will be better than what this stock art model is attempting to imply. Better than your dog's birthday party. Can you tell that we are really excited right now? And it's Monday! Thanksgiving puts us in a good mood. You too, we hope.

And, remember. Over the next 30 days, we got you.