Here's A Paper Table You Can Draw On

Whether or not your artistic prowess has improved since the last time you scribbled on a paper tabletop with crayons at the neighborhood diner, this Campfire Paper Table is an inviting centerpiece to sketch away on.

Manufactured by Turnstone, the table would be a welcome and lively addition to just about any living room, and it's the perfect height for holding drinks or dinner if you're sipping or eating in front of the TV. It's available in four different wood bases (walnut, Virgina Walnut, Warm Oak, and Blackwood), and each one comes with a pack of paper "tabletops," measuring just over 2 feet in diameter. To memorialize your artwork, the night's menu, or whatever brilliance you jot down on a Macallan-induced tear, a supplemental glass top is also available ($499, via Turnstone).

Create your own masterpiece or invest in this trippy, limited-edition rendering by the artist Chuck Anderson, also available through Turnstone's site ($579).[/caption]