New Recipes This Week: Fried Chicken, Tinga Nachos, Mexican Meatball Soup

Much as I complain about the disappearance of summer produce from the farmers market, I always look forward to using fall-friendly ingredients — pork and apples in particular, in case you haven't seen our 5 pork recipes for dinner. Chef Rick Gresh's cider-brined chop was a particular hit — you've never had such a juicy, flavorful chop in your life. We stuffed the apple glut into Mexican empanadas and learned all about the bialy. Plus, Miami chef Jeff McInnis loaned us a 150-year old recipe for fried chicken, a signature at South Beach's Yardbird. Fried chicken is always in season.

Try your hand at this week's recipes. Italian weddings aren't the only place to get a bowl of hearty meatball soup.