Great Ideas: K-Cup Coffee Cocktails

We have to give credit where credit is due: The men's site Cool Material has come up with a great way to put that coffee pod machine to better use: making ingredients for warm cocktails! Check out their handy guide to cocktail pairings involving everything from K-Cup hot cocoa to that strangest of K-Cup animals, Gloria Jean's Coffee Butter Toffee.

As you can see in the above photo, the (slightly disturbed) minds at Cool Material work this "coffee beverage" into a play on hot buttered rum using Bacardi Gold and cinnamon sticks. It's just one of 10 combinations on the site.

Now we don't necessarily advocate taking such shortcuts to making cocktails, but if you already have one of those K-Cup machines on your counter and a stockpile of pods, you may as well put them to use. This is a waaaay better method than merely drinking the sort of coffee that comes out of these things. Once you're done and you've found a way to recycle your machine, read our Coffee Power Rankings and start brewing the right way!