Bike Chic For The Home: Recycled Chain-Link Chandeliers

For her ongoing "Connect" series, a collection of industrial-chic chandeliers, LA-based artist Carolina Fontoura Alzaga literally respins bicycle parts into interior centerpieces that will inspire awe over any respectable dining room table.

Modeled after traditional Victorian-era chandeliers, each unique handmade fixture is an extremely impressive showcase of the artist's self-taught talent and skill (the painstaking result of trial and error), but without the kind of stuffy preciousness that might typically overwhelm a room. Rather than dripping with crystals and delicate metal links, the bike chains impart a modern, industrialized art-deco quality to the pieces, making them awesome objects of admiration, lights off or on.

Custom pieces range from $125 to $4,200. Production time usually takes 2-8 weeks, while pricing varies per project. To order, visit Fontoura Alzaga's website.