5 Great Posters For An Instantly Cooler-Looking Kitchen

Those alcohol humor posters had a time (college) and place (the frat house) in your life, but it's probably best that you leave them in their hazy heyday and outfit your walls with more original, up-to-date artwork.

When it comes to your standard kitchen, you don't need to do much in the d├ęcor department to make a big difference. We've rounded up five posters that we'd recommend, all of which can be had for less than a C-note in case you feel uneasy about spending more on the scenery than your actual cooking appliances. From a modernist take on fruit still-life to a Wes Anderson hero, and yes, even a beer lineup, here are just a few possibilities to quickly make your kitchen that much cooler.

Vintage beer can collection, $20 at A Genuine Collection. [/caption]
People Who Eat White Bread Have No Dreams, by Simon Fujiwara. $60 and up at 20x200. [/caption]
He Is The Zissou, by Tim Doyle. $40 at Poster Cabaret. [/caption]
Spell it out with graphic letter prints. $18-$20 at Methane Studios. [/caption]
"Oranges," by Jennifer Mason. $24 and up at 20x200.[/caption]