8 Great Instagram Photos We Spotted This Week

We're into celeb chefs this week — maybe because the New York City Wine and Food Festival kicked off last night? Zak Pelaccio's burgers dominated the party scene, Alain Ducasse's culinary team is taking over our Instagram feed — they even are offering a Cookpot giveaway on Facebook — and it's not that intern George's Shaq-chat wasn't roundup worthy. We just wanted to call attention to the fact that our intern hung out with Shaq right here in the intro. That Tupperware background really cinches the deal.

Check out what we ate this past week, more on our Instagram feed, and take a look at what our followers are up to. That phat rice looks pretty self-explanatory.

Our man Zakary Pelaccio serving up the juicy burgers at Amstel Wheat bash. [/caption]
Before going into the oven: all the delicious flavors of Provence, and some foie gras! #cookpottakeover #figspotting[/caption]
Albacore Sashimi w Crispy Onions @HamasakuLA @mylastbite [/caption]
Strawberry apricot tart with lavender and fennel pollen Purple Haze chèvre [/caption]
The perfect lunch @alifewortheating [/caption]
Bao is going down at Charles Phan book party.[/caption]
Pre-Next snack @urbanbelly – phat rice that truly lives up to its name #foodstagram #asianfood @pichetong [/caption]
#foodporn #mrfoodporn #foodgasm @mrfoodporn [/caption]