What Is Up With All These Rumors Of Shortages?

You could call "the shortage" the latest food trend. News agencies have been quick to cry wolf pig in recent weeks, with rumors flying around regarding shortages of a couple of our most beloved guilty pleasures. First, it was reported in the United Kingdom that a global pork shortage next year was unavoidable, with organizations citing lengthy drought conditions plaguing corn and soybean crops, which has led to pig herds declining at significant rates.

The latest such claim came out in the world of Starbucks, where customers had allegedly been denied pumpkin spice lattes due to a drain in supplies of pumpkin spice syrup. Hmm. Perhaps our friend Gallagher replaced melons with pumpkins on his latest tour.

Loyal consumers of both were quick to vent their frustrations, taking to Twitter to proclaim that "outrage has ensued," they "left depressed" and that "my world almost just ended." Apparently, with the NFL's replacement referees no longer around as scapegoats, baristas have become public enemy number one.

Of course, within days, follow-up stories assured the world that bacon intends to stick around, albeit possibly at an increased price. Meanwhile, Starbucks Global Brand Public Relations Director Lisa Passe even addressed the rumblings personally, stating: "I can confirm that there are no actual pumpkin emergencies."

Until some blogger mouths off about a grocery selling out of mirin, and thus the inevitable death of ponzu sauce, it appears that these "crises" have been averted.

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