Food Republic's Best Breaded And Fried Recipes

Food Republic: bringing you knowledge of eggs with shells made of deep-fried sausage.

Sometimes it's totally worth it to grind up a fresh batch of breadcrumbs, set up a breading station in the kitchen and go to town on stuff that you'd normally love to bread and fry were it not for the utter mess left in the kitchen. One of those times is the entirety of football season, so in honor of one of our favorite cuisines (tailgating is totally a cuisine) we've made sure that this roundup of breaded, fried goodness also involves a good dose of cheese.

Sure looks like a lot of food cultures know about breading and frying, especially Japan. That can only mean it's totally ingrained in our cooking repertoires because it's universally pleasing, right? And yet only we have actual football to eat it with...

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