Our 12 Most Popular Stories This Week

What a week! Who loves Twinkies? Who loves red velvet? Miami pastry chef extraordinaire Hedy Goldsmith launched her cookbook this week and loaned us one hell of a dessert recipe that combines both, Guy Fieri taught us about Flavortown and we learned more about mayonnaise, grilled cheese and apples than we ever thought possible. Actually those three things go pretty well together.

Check out our 12 most popular stories this week and have an excellent two days off to Instagram all the great stuff you're eating.

1. The Ultimate Wingman Is Back! And Reporting From The NYC Wingfest

2. By The Numbers: Apples

3. Red Velvet Twinks

4. Photos: Food Republic Test Kitchen Afterparty

5. At Last, Better Beer Can Design Is Here

6. Our Favorite Slider Recipes

7. Video: How Not To Suck At Instagram (Other Than Being Rick Ross)

8. Ask Guy Fieri About The Organic Garden Of Flavortown

9. 7 Things You Didn't Know About Mayonnaise

10. Interview With A Grilled Cheese Expert

11. The 12 Best Fictional Restaurants From TV and Film

12. Food Republic Buffalo Wings Power Rankings