Coffee Conscious: Five Design-Forward Mugs For Fall

Forget about that drab mug you've had since college. You know, the one with the fading college logo on it. Whether you drink your coffee on the go, in the office, or actually manage to sit down for breakfast with a cuppa, here are five design-forward mugs.

Hopefully you're sipping on some good beans, so why not put them into something equally as attractive? From the gun handle, to the CTRL ALT DEL set (which requires flipping the mug over; see below), these five mugs are worthy of even the priciest, fresh-ground, poured-over brews. Grab one that suits you for fall.

The Gun Mug serves two purposes: it looks bad-ass in your hand and fends off unwanted pre-cafine conversationalists, making it the perfect morning companion. ($15.50 at At[/caption]
The On/Off Mug is a seemingly simple black mug with "OFF" printed in white. When filled with coffee, it transforms to a white mug with "ON" printed in black. Genius. ($26 at MoMA Store)[/caption]
The Camera Lens Mug makes everything look better. The mug's realistic design will have your coworkers doing a double-take. ($15 at Think Geek)[/caption]
Had a bad morning? Ctlr Alt Del it. This set of coffee mugs is perfect for the geek in you. Just flip 'em over and sip away. ($12.50 at Focal Price)[/caption]
Ever ask a friend or coworker to grab you a cuppa and you end up a creamy mess that's two shades too light? Problem solved. This mug has a Pantone color chart on its inner lip, making sure that your java comes back just how you like it. ($8 at Flashwear)[/caption]