8 Great Instagram Photos We Spotted This Week

Once we finish rounding up Instagram photos on Friday, we are checked OUT! Two whole days to traipse around, taking pictures of what we're eating, hashtagging willy-nilly and celebrating the great social media platform that doesn't tell your friends you're having more fun than them. It shows them.

Check out what we ate this past week, more on our Instagram feed, and take a look at what our followers are up to. That deep-fried Dodger Dog looks terrifyingly awesome.

Red Farm is awesome! @gabiporter [/caption]
At the opening party for American Table with @marcuscooks [/caption]
Chicken Charlie's #DeepFried Dodger Dog @LAcountyFair #WeekendEats @mylastbite [/caption]
Pumpkin pancakes for this cool fall morning. #breakfast #fall #pancakes #pumpkin #lacasa @mrfoodporn [/caption]
Some guy named Peter was picking peppers. #greenmarket [/caption]
Crabs. @neverbeenfull [/caption]
A drowned turkey. He's happy sitting in Chef Amanda Freitag's brine. #frtestkitchen[/caption]
Take Sunday very seriously. And serve with lemon-chile kale. [/caption]