VIDEO: Labeling Foods Is A Win For Farmers And Consumers

We may receive a commission on purchases made from links., the new project of filmmaker and activist Robert Kenner (who you may know from Oscar-nominated 2009 documentary Food, Inc.) released a new video which highlights what American farmers think of issues like GMO labeling and California's Prop 37.

"We're going to deliver to the marketplace what the marketplace demands," says Troy Roush, a conventional farmer growing GMO corn and soybeans who was featured in Food, Inc. "People have got to start demanding good, wholesome food of us."

Roush, a staunch supporter of Prop 37, urges consumers to demand their food be labeled, citing, "Europe has done it for years, it's not a big deal."

Check out this grassroots call to action, and don't forget to sign the petition at if you'd like to know whether your food has been genetically modified. The effort has reached over a million supporters and is still growing.

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