Video: How To Not Suck At Instagram (Other Than Being Rick Ross)

Why does your washed-out photo of a baked chicken thigh have no likes? Because you Instagrammed four photos in a row of your drooling baby, hashtagged it with every way one might describe something cute, then asked a stranger to follow you. Also, easy on the tilt shift. We're all slowly going blind from staring at tiny screens as it is. Ready to solve every single one of these problems? Well, not the screen problem.

YouTube filmmaker Casey Neistat created a guide to "not sucking so bad at Instagram," noting that the lifespan of a social media platform is about the same as a hamster (and with all the impact), so let's keep this one awesome while it lasts and not just keep posting photos of our lustrous hair now, shall we?

What's the secret to roping in our 7,000 followers? We don't post photos of our lustrous hair and have been taking it super-easy on the tilt shift! Follow us at @foodrepublic to see how we implement Neistat's rules without, say, coloring in the lines, and discover your own ways to earn back everyone's faith.

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