Our Favorite Slider Recipes

Is there anything more appealing than a mini-version of a great sandwich? Well if Monday night's Test Kitchen Afterparty (catered by Food Republic's own Jess Kapadia) was any indication, then no, there is nothing more appealing than a mini-version of a great sandwich.

We ran out of lamb and artichoke sliders basically immediately, then switched to fresh-roasted turkey and artichoke sliders...which lasted about 15 minutes after that. Finally, we saturated the remains of the turkey with the giblet gravy and made turkey and gravy sloppy joes that went faster than the lamb sliders we planned to have too many of. Glad everyone brought their appetites, and hurray for on-the-fly improvisations!

Ready to run out of sliders? Then make as many of any of these as you can possibly muster, and experience the inexplicable magic that make them disappear before your eyes. No matter what.