At Last, Better Beer Can Design Is Here

When Russian designer Timur Salikhov debuted his design for "Naked Beer," a conceptual product that showcased its contents, plain and simple, on the outside of its can, the stylish and modern design was a well-deserved artist's call to give cans of suds the same design treatment as bottles and other containers.

And yet there are some stylish can designs that really do knock it out of the park, and not just because they stand out in a crowd of aluminum vessels that, quite frankly, could be a lot better-looking (Coors, we're looking at you!). Superficially speaking, here are six we'd be proud to pick up.

Arctic Beer and Arctic Beer Ice (Norway)[/caption]
Austin Beerworks Pearl-Snap Pilsner (Austin, TX)[/caption]
Churchkey Can Co. Pilsner (Seattle, WA)[/caption]
Hilliard's Amber Ale (Seattle, WA)[/caption]
Miller High Life (Milwaukee, WI)[/caption]
Santa Fe Brewing Happy Camper IPA (Santa Fe, NM)[/caption]