FR Chef Survey: Fall Ingredients, Secret To A Successful Dish

Now that it's officially Fall, what's your favorite Fall ingredient to cook with?

Matthew Accarrino (SPQR, San Francisco): "Chestnuts."

Michael Voltaggio (ink., Los Angeles): "Kabocha squash probably this year. Hopefully. But this year I think it's going to be tomatoes, though, because tomato season started so late I think we're going to be serving tomatoes in December this year."

Michael Cimarusti (Providence, Connie and Ted's; Los Angeles): "White truffle."

April Bloomfield (The Spotted Pig, New York City): "Pumpkins."

Donald Link (Herbsaint, Cochon; New Orleans): "Duck. Greens – collards, mustards."

Jon Shook (Animal, Son of a Gun; Los Angeles): "I'm excited for delicata squash."

Paul Kahan (Blackbird, avec, The Publican; Chicago): "Red kuri squash."

Jonathan Waxman (Barbuto, New York City): "Honestly, any squash. In particular, hubbard squash. Hubbard squash, by far, is like my demonic go-to. I just want to do really bad things to it."