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The only thing that should be keeping you from making “fancy breakfast” as opposed to regular this morning is not knowing how. And now we’ve fixed that. Dive into a little cooking project so you’ll have full license to relax with one of our transitional early fall cocktails later (read: Seasonal Affective Disorder).

Pick your step-by-step tutorial, heat up a frying pan and don’t make the lobster scrambled eggs with the espresso maple bacon — perfect example of too much of a good thing.   

Learn: How to Make Scrambled Eggs
And then: Lobster Scrambled Eggs

Learn: How to Poach An Egg
And then: Classic Canadian Bacon Eggs Benedict

Learn: How to Cook Perfect Dried Pasta
And then: Pasta Frittata

Learn: How to Make Burger Patties
And then: Veal and Turkey Breakfast Sausage

Learn: How to Cook Bacon
And then: Espresso Maple Bacon