Our New Favorite Food Tumblr: Everyday I Eat Toasties

We love websites dedicated to sandwiches, so naturally photogenic and universally appealing. When Scanwiches went blog-to-book I nearly blew a fuse. So when Everyday I Eat Toasties was brought to my attention this morning, I had to tell everyone.

Created by French graphic designer Céline Kniehbihler on the tail end of her "year abroad" in Amsterdam, EIET is a photo memoir of her co-workers' sandwich habits. Everyone is entitled to their own personal takeaways from life experiences. You see, these folks don't "do" lunch at their desks. They get together in the breakroom, pool sandwich ingredients — pâté, cheese, meat, sausages, condiments — and photograph their creations. Here are a few of my favorites.

Tim special by Tim. Ingredients: mozzarella, cherry tomato, artichoke, chorizo [/caption]
Hagelslag special by Anna. Ingredients: butter, hagelslag XL[/caption]
Ciabata Royal by Amwo. Ingredients: egg, tuna, olive tapenade, tomato tapenade, salad, soy sprouts [/caption]
Vegetarian tapas plate by Niko. Ingredients: cheese, tomato, red onions and pepper, corn, cucumber, pesto, pepper[/caption]

Unfortunately, Céline's Dutch year ends too soon.

"I'm sad to leave this company tomorrow," she says. "I had this idea one month before I leave, and I'm glad my colleagues joined the game!"

Who will follow in her footsteps, engage their co-workers in lunchtime togetherness and maybe even save the world? Well me, for one. Hear that, guys? Clean out your fridges, we're making sandwiches in the break room tomorrow.

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