The Food Photography Sweet Spot

Pro photographers we are not (we've hired some though), but any random scan through our food porn collection or Instagram feed will reveal one very clear thing: almost every glorious and delectably looking edible in that stash is a straight on shot from above.

Is this food photography's sweet shot? As in, it's the angle that makes just about anything look that much more appetizing — and therefore, any of us regulars look that much more talented as food stylists and photographers?

You might say this angle appeals to our senses because it mimics the experience of looking down at a plate of food. And there's also the meta-reality of it all: these days most food porn snapshots are taken by diners just as they're about to tuck into some delicious grub. Sometimes reality makes for some really, really attractive images.

What's your go-to sweet shot for photographing food? Let us know via Twitter. @foodrepublic