This week Food Republic is paying tribute to all things Greek yogurt, which might just be the most important foodstuff in the world right now. Next up is a look at some celebrities who enjoy Greek yogurt. Just like us.

1. Kelly Ripa
“It’s my dessert, my breakfast, my everything!” – Wellness Wire

2. Jayma Mays
“There’s a food product that I am way into. It’s Fage. Have you ever heard of this? It’s Greek yogurt and then you have honey with it and I am obsessed with it. Have it all the time. I make my cats eat it. – Fox

3. Piper Perabo
“I put Greek yogurt on my face – you know, the 0% Greek yogurt. It’s really good for you.” – Into The Gloss

4. Maria Menounos
“There’s always Greek yogurt in my fridge.” – Shape

5. Drew Carey
“No carbs. No bread at all. Egg whites in the morning, or Greek yogurt.” – Huffington Post

6. Willem Dafoe
“Where plain met fruits with strangely names. Plain became what plain became: so much more than more than plain. Plain will never be the same.” – Youtube

7. Jennie Garth
“I eat a lot of Greek yogurt: Greek yogurt in the morning, salads and proteins the rest of the day…” – Us Weekly

8. Dara Torres
“Greek yogurt is great for breakfast, a snack, or lunch.” – Shape

9. Mehmet Oz
“Greek yogurt is my breakfast every morning at the studio. I have [it] with some blueberries.” – Palm Beach Post

10. Jennie Finch
“And just like any typical mom, I’m thrilled when my champion loves to eat something nutritious like Chobani Champions yogurt” – New York Times

11. Bobby Flay
“Everyone knows FAGE Total is a delicious Greek yogurt, but what most people don’t realize is how versatile it is as an ingredient – it truly can be incorporated into all sorts of different meal occasions, from appetizers and entrées to desserts.” – Yahoo Finance

12. Mike Lee
“Right now I’m really big on Fage Greek yogurt for a small, quick snack, because it’s zero percent fat and only 100 calories, but they have 18 grams of protein and are pretty filling.” – GQ Magazine

13. Christine Avanti
“A quick and healthy snack or meal is Greek yogurt. Pop it open and put it in a bowl.” – YouTube

14. John Stamos
“I am a proud Greek and a proud yogurt eater. When the call from Dannon came in, and after I tasted Dannon Oikos, I couldn’t say no.” – CNN

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