Fatherhood Chronicles: Packing Your Kids' School Lunch

It's time for the fifth and final installment of The Fatherhood Chronicles. You've met the earnest Stay At Home dad, the Take Out Junkie, the Executive, the Rock Star. Now, just in time for Meatless Monday, it's time to meet the Vegan dad, whose lunchbox packs a lot of meat– and dairy-free stuff, from greens to grains, all placed with love in a sustainable hemp sack. Chances are the other kids in the cafeteria won't be fighting over this lunch, but then, you may have the healthiest child in the school.

The Vegan

You think dairy is the devil and raw is rad, and you hope your kids will too. Teach your children well by filling their lunch box with seasonal and organic fare, and maybe the occasional tofu hot dog. They'll be so busy grossing out their friends by actually drinking a green smoothie, they'll have finished the whole thing before they know it.