Absolut Unique Is An Acid Trip With More Booze

Absolut Vodka has just gone where no other spirit company has before, according to Spirits Business. The Swedish vodka company has managed to create a colorful line of limited edition bottles where every single bottle is different! The Absolute Unique range was produced using splash guns and contains 38 colors and 51 pattern types. A computerized algorithm was created to ensure that no two bottles are the same.

Erik Naf, director of packaging development at Absolut said, "Most people thought that this is impossible or very close to impossible." But you know, they're Scandinavian, they can do anything – from establishing the best restaurant in the world to cooking up the best meatballs ever. After months of hard work, the collection of bottles will be available in global travel retail (on planes, and in airports) this month, and in stores worldwide starting October. Check out this video, and the images below. It's better than an acid trip (which we invented, by the way).

Update: The bottles are now available for purchase at Colette, for $22

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