Today Is A Day To Try Lunch On French Toast

Yesterday I suggested you try lunch on toast, inspired by the English. Today, I'm taking a leaf out of France's book with pain perdu, or French toast. But I'm actually doing it English-style, with "eggy bread" as they call it, or savory French toast. It's a great way to integrate the something-on-toast concept, only with more frying in butter.

Not every sandwich takes kindly to this application, but some truly do (and most will need to be eaten with a knife and fork). One unlikely candidate is the BLT. A BLT with a fried egg is a really great thing, and you get a similar flavor and richness by using French toast. Again, I cannot emphasize this enough, the egg mix for this has neither sugar, cinnamon, nor vanilla. Unless you REALLY want it to.

The Cubano is another French toast-friendly way to spin it. I personally prefer the medianoche, a Cuban sandwich served on sweet, dense, egg-enriched bread, easily improvised by none other than soaking bread in beaten egg and frying it. The sharpness of the cheese, pickles and mustard against the buttery bread works perfectly.

Finally, one for the adventurous palate. I was thinking about slash craving how Russians eat salmon caviar, typically rolled in a thick, eggy crepe with a good amount of sour cream or schmear of cream cheese, and realized that would be a great sandwich on French toast. The saltiness of the salmon eggs needs the tangy dairy and fluffy bread to balance out the strong flavor. Definitely one for the knife, fork and palate of steel.

Any way you'd do a savory crepe or hot sandwich works here. Just dream up something that needs richness or a hint of fried egg and fire up the griddle.

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