Today Is A Day To Try Lunch On Toast

I haven't been to England for a couple of years, but the last time I went I sure did notice a whole lot of things served on toast and eaten with a knife and fork: beans of course, Welsh rarebit (broiled mustard-spiked fondue) kippers, creamed chipped beef (more or less beef jerky simmered in cream gravy), mushrooms, deviled kidneys.

Not only is toast a blank canvas for your culinary imagination, it will taste like one if you don't use any. Here are a few suggestions for livening up a humble slice of bread:

And you can get creative with bread — rosemary-olive, raisin, challah and rye are all good starting points. I used thinly sliced sourdough toast instead of noodles in lasagna once just to see what would happen. Weird, but most certainly delicious and texturally pleasing. Toast should definitely be on your list of "non-scary foods," so please treat it as such.

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