Bocuse D'Or Team USA Has A Secret Weapon

The Bocuse D'Or is a global cooking competition held every other year in Lyon, France. Teams from around the world gather to showcase their talents and artistry in a two-day event to see which country has the best chefs. Last time around, the U.S. finished in an unimpressive 10th place (6th is the highest they've placed since the competition was established in 1987). Chef Thomas Keller, President of the Bocuse D'Or USA, is ready to put a stop to that streak. Next stop, Williams-Sonoma!

Chef Gavin Kaysen of Café Boulud will be coaching the competitors selected by the board of directors, including team captain Richard Rosendale, executive chef at the Greenbrier Resort. To help them on their way to the American's first-ever gold medal, the board of directors behind the Bocuse D'Or Team USA — Chefs Keller, Boulud and Jérôme Bocuse (son of Paul Bocuse, renowned chef and event founder) have partnered with the kitchenware giant to craft a line of custom All-Clad cookware for the Bocuse test kitchen bunker at West Virginia's Greenbrier Resort.

The cookware line, demoed last night at Williams-Sonoma Columbus Circle, features a universal lid (no more looking for the right size), a copper core and brushed steel finish. Keller added that this type of equipment typically ends up brushed-looking with enough use anyway. And enough use it will most certainly get, as the candidates train at the highest level.

Chef Bocuse described what it's like at the event for the audience: "The best description is like going to a basketball game, it's a big arena with 4,000 fans cheering."

So where can you get your hands on these championship pots and pans? It's not going to be easy — the set is exclusive to Williams-Sonoma with a scant 150 numbered sets, some of which have been signed by Chefs Keller, Boulud and Jérôme Bocuse. Bocuse is keeping set #1 for good reason, but all other proceeds will help support Team USA on January 29th and 30th.

Says Keller: "We made a pledge to give all the support we have, that represents all of us, in order to have the best chance possible of bringing home the Bocuse D'Or."

Let's see what the other 23 finalist teams are cooking with when the big day comes around.

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