9 Essential Wings Recipes To Kick Off Football Season

What a big weekend for the first big slate of NFL games. Peyton Manning's in Denver. Tim Tebow is in a bunker in New Jersey practicing secret plays. Residents of the Keystone State are betting on an all-Pennsylvania Super Bowl. But more urgently, you've invited a bunch of friends over, and you've gotta feed 'em. Time to bring on the wings!

  1. Mighty Mustard Wings
  2. Jackson Street Baked Hot Wings
  3. Bison Stuffed Smoked Wings
  4. Gin and Lemon Wings
  5. When Pigs Fly Wings
  6. Plum Sauced Wings
  7. Crunchy Lemon Pepper Wings
  8. Basic Buffalo Wings
  9. Tomatillo-Chile Wings in Corn Husks