The Origins Of Dada Life's Banana Obsession

If you're not too dizzy from blowing up your inflatable champagne bottle, heed Dada Life's advice about no barbecue pre-show.[/caption]
Hey, champagne! Refreshing, tasty, pairs nicely with bananas (visually only). [/caption]

You may know Dada Life, world-traveling Swedish electronic house duo, as "those DJs whose fans wear banana suits and are not above inciting riots outside venues." Then again, you may not. Stefan Engblom and Olle Corneér have had one goal for the duration of their career: to make you dance and jump around. Good thing they were at Electric Zoo this past weekend.

Their custom audio plug-in, Sausage Fattener, is available for download should any EDM enthusiast wish to add Dada's signature compression and distortion settings to their tracks. That is a good name for an audio plug-in.

The guys had a giant DJ set to play (or a riot to incite, whatever), so I grabbed a few minutes beforehand to inquire about their favorite fruit.

Okay, so why bananas and champagne?

Taste-wise, they are actually terrible together. It came from us needing energy when we're DJing. We always had them on the rider — bananas for potassium to keep us going, and champagne for keeping your head bubbly. It's the perfect combination. You can't have an apple in a club — it'll get slippery and gross — but a banana is perfect because you open it up and it's all fresh inside. It's impossible to eat a sandwich in a club because it would get so dirty. Clubs are the grimiest places on earth.

Agreed. Love 'em. What about banana-flavored stuff?

No, no. Only original bananas.

How did you come up with the name "Sausage Fattener" for your signature compression/distortion plug-in? I hear it makes music a lot greasier.

Well, a good sausage is a fat sausage, right? We felt that our music was done when it was fat as a sausage. We thought, why not give that recipe to other people?

All of this is beginning to make a lot of sense. Speaking of fat sausages, you guys famously say to never eat barbecue before a gig.

Trial-and-error. We tried it in San Francisco. We don't want to go into details, but it ended badly. Really badly. It was ugly.

That sounds like a sensitive topic involving puke. Okay, say there's a new sandwich called "Red Meat/White Noise." What's in it?

It would be a lot of red meat, naturally. Lots of chilis. And white noise, of course! You just make it while you eat it, like, "pssssh-pssssh-pssssh."

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