Our 12 Most Popular Stories This Week

In case you didn't notice from the photo composite, a lot of this week's top stories had to do with football — teams, tailgating food, essential gear and tons and tons of barbecued meat from our trip down to Memphis for the Cochon Heritage BBQ event where we hosted a bourbon party. Yup, it's all there. Good times. Here are our 12 most popular stories of the week.

1. Big Weekend: Cochon Heritage BBQ 2012

2. The Top 5 Sandwiches Named After NFL Players

3. Chipotle Popcorn Chicken

4. NFL Kickoff: Eating With The San Francisco 49ers

5. Your Daily Lunch Hack: Ideas With Rice

6. Memphis: How To Survive A 10 Barbecue(ish) Restaurant Crawl

7. Feeding Time: NYC's Electric Zoo 2012

8. FR Guide: Gear To Up Your Tailgating Game This Football Season

9. The NFL Season Is Here: Try Our 25 Easy Tailgating Recipes

10. Chicago: Behind The Scenes During Final Service At Charlie Trotter's

11. AdSnacking: Carlton Beer Chases After Its Fans

12. Oyster Sliders