FR Style Inventory: Bobby Stuckey

With New York Fashion Week upon us, we have style on the brain and decided to reach out to some of our favorite, and best-dressed, chef friends — to hear about their favorite brands and why it's never OK to wear chili pepper pants in the kitchen. Up now, Bobby Stuckey — Master Sommelier and co-owner of Frasca Food and Wine in Boulder, Colorado.

Who most inspires your style?

Someone who has a great eye for style? Brunello Cucinelli. Even though I can't afford to buy most of his pieces, I love his whole thought process. Not just about clothing, but about culture as well. I love his approach to style. Also, Massimo Bottura of Osteria Francescana, in Modena, has fantastic style. I've eaten at his restaurant twice, so I've only seen him in his chef coat, although I checked out his shoes and they were great. Also, based on the way he plates his food, I can tell a lot about his sense of style.

Favorite brands/designers?

Isaia (especially the "Gregory Cut"), Dries Van Noten, Costume National. And classic, timeless Hermès ties.

Clothing item you would never wear?

It's safe to say that I'm not an ascot type of guy.

Last big splurge item?

Isaia blue and black checkered "Gregory Cut" suit.

Do you collect anything fashion related?

Hermès ties. I've never gotten rid of one. I like folding in vintage Hermès ties with current suits.

Do you have any designer friends/regulars in the restaurant? Or maybe from your time at the French Laundry?

I love buying the jewelry of Mary Ellen Vaughan (Wren Designs) for my wife. I also like buying the clothing of CarolAnn Wachter for my wife. CarolAnn is a regular and a good friend of the restaurant. I really like her stuff.

Ever traded food for clothes?

No, but I once traded reservations at the French Laundry to the men's buyer at Neiman Marcus in San Francisco for him to put a Kiton sports coat aside for me that was 70% off.

Do you read any fashion magazines?

I like reading the blog Sartorialist. I really love that guy's eye. I also like reading the pieces on Mr. Porter. They have great editorial.

Who's your favorite model?

My wife. She was a model for 20 years. I can honestly say that not all models are as fashionable as she is. I'm not being biased here, but my wife is the most fashionable person I've ever met.

Do you ever not wear a suit during service?

Never. I put it on right after our pre-service meeting and I take it off when I get home.

Would you ever wear Crocs?

Yes, I actually do. Every night when I get home from work or when I get home from a bike ride, I wear their flip-flops around the house. They're so comfortable.