Design Solution: Pop Bottles Of Pop On The Go

Road Poppers is a neat gadget designed by Chromoly, a UK-based design studio run by designer Jonathan Sabine and art director Adam Pickard. The duo originally developed Road Poppers, a bike-mounted bottle opener, for themselves, and based on its popularity with their friends, they decided to share it with the rest of the world. The opener is mounted on the rails of the underside of the saddle and is made of bronze-infused stainless steel. You can chose from a variety of finish options, including plain, matte gold, glossy gold, matte antique bronze and glossy antique bronze.

Chromoly does emphasize that the Road Popper is not intended for alcoholic beverages and that they do not not condone cycling while under the influence of alcohol!

Buy Road Poppers here for $38.

Pop bottles of pop on the go.[/caption]
The different finishing options[/caption]