FR Guide: Gear To Up Your Tailgating Game This Football Season

2. Southern Yankee Bar-B-Q 8 x 12 Cabin On 24' Concession Trailer

When a company recommends you check with your local health department to see if a barbecue meets local requirements, you know it's badass! These custom built barbecues smoke meat on a rotisserie and come equipped with a full kitchen. from $18,050.

3. Lyfe Tyme Portable Double Lid Grill With Firebox

Weighing in at an impressive 1,200 pounds, this Hutterite-looking grill will impress as you drive along the highway to get to the stadium in your pickup. This made-in-Texas grill is designed to also use as a smoker so your meat is cooked perfectly. $3,995.

5. Tailgate 29 Chef Embroidered Chef Coat

Tailgating is being perfected by some of the best chefs in the U.S., so why not look like one while supporting your favorite team. Plus, it's been scientifically proven that women love men in chef's whites. Why would science lie? $79.99.

1. NFL Fan Brand & Pangea Hot Dog BBQ Brander

OK, this is extreme, but hey, as long as you're cooking meat, you may as well brand that flesh with the logo of your favorite team. Put the branded meat on a spit to ensure that fellow fans will give a hearty "Wooooo" as they pass and see your commitment to the team. $19.99 each.

6. Siskiyou Plate & Drink Holder

Imagine being at a Saints tailgate for the first time. You have a muffaletta sandwich in one hand and a perspiring Solo cup filled with a Hurricane in the other. How are you supposed to shake hands with or high-five anyone? This brilliant tailgate innovation will put an end to juggling your sandwich and drink. $14.99.

7. Picnic Time Duet Wine & Tote

The art of tailgating has become so sophisticated that even French chefs like Daniel Boulud might be spotted in the parking lot. Guys like him aren't gonna be satisfied with a can of Bud. This insulated tote is for those who enjoy the finer things in life: wine and cheese. Two bottles stay cool and a cheese board and stainless steel cheese knife and corkscrew round out the pack. $39.99.

>8. NFL Portable Bar

With so much emphasis on how the food is served at the tailgate, the drinks often go overlooked. Bring the art of cocktailing to your tailgate at your portable bar, complete with team logos and an umbrella to help fight off the harsh winter elements. $499.

9. Wild Sports Tailgate Table with Net

Beer pong and tailgating go together like, well, being drunk and eating a lot. Rather than just standing around while stuffing your face with artery-clogging meat for five hours, get some activity. Burn off those turduckens by tossing Ping-Pong balls into cups filled with beer. $139.99.

4. King Kooker 30" Double Burner Portable Propane Fryer

Do you get rubbed the wrong way when you get to a tailgate with two turkeys to fry and there's only one fryer? King Kooker has solved this issue with this fine piece of equipment. It's even on wheels so you can go around the parking lot distributing your fine fried fare to fellow fans. $199.