Photos: Marc Vetri And His Crew Rocked Our Instagram

Whoa. We've given our Instagram account over to some awesome chefs, from Tom Colicchio to those dudes from Animal. But nobody took it and ran with it like Marc Vetri and his team from Philadelphia. Three chefs and a beverage director kicked things off Thursday night and snapped away until last night, leaving in their wake a few new vocab terms ("Masturbaking"!!!), mouth-watering pasta shots and a couple of soon-t0-be-awesome-pork-dishes that led to a bunch of lost followers (so long, vegetarians!). Here, we present some of the highlights. Of course you can follow us on Instagram and check out #vetritakeover for all the action.

Pig's head Sloppy Joe with salt & pepper chips. Amis Industry Night. @foodsyoucaneat[/caption]
700F = over easy egg in 30 seconds![/caption]
Sat night dinner! BOOM! Can't touch this! [/caption]
Lining up the Francobolli ravioli filled with robiola cheese #pasta #osteria #eatthisboys! [/caption]
Spaghetti sandwich with marinated eggplant, fried peppers, Romano beans, tomato conserva and provolone..BOOM [/caption]
Painters palette of vegetables compliments of Frasca in Boulder.[/caption]
Jack Daniels Baba with Peach Soft Serve @allaspinaphilly Forget food porn this is masturbaking. [/caption]
@chefbradspence your's may be bigger than mine but this little squealer packs a punch #osteria[/caption]