The Wish List: Top 10 Roundup Edition

Summer is winding down, and we are looking forward to soups, stews and fall fashion! For the past season, we've been bringing you a new Wish List every week, with hot items to up your style game — from the latest designer trends to killer kitchen gadgets. Check out these summer Wish Lists below (click on the links to go to the corresponding past Wish List), and you might be able to snag a couple items on sale.

Also, stay tuned for our coverage of New York Fashion Week (Sept 6-13). We will be talking food and fashion with some of the most stylish chefs, giving you the inside scoop on the hottest after-parties, and reporting on some men's fashion as well.

From Japanese Design Excellence[/caption]
From Office Chic[/caption]
From Grilling Edition[/caption]
From Stylish European Design[/caption]
From Berber Morocco[/caption]
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From Travel Edition[/caption]
From Hunting[/caption]
From Summer Evening Soirée[/caption]
From Beach Weekend[/caption]