Marc Vetri Is Taking Over Our Instagram Account

We're big fans of Instagram, a social network that's like Flickr for your phone. You may have heard that Facebook bought the company? It's really simple: users post photos, made cooler with filters, and follow their friends who do the same. Like Facebook and Twitter, we are all about using Instagram — specifically for documenting the great things we're eating and drinking in our New York hometown or on the road. Think stuffing sea bass in the Oceana kitchen, Spam sushi and some freaky good pizza.

We've also found that chefs are into Instagram too. That's why we've asked legendary Philadelphia chef Marc Vetri to takeover our account (read our interview with Vetri where he talks about some of his career highs). This Takeover is a little different though. Vetri will begin updating tonight while on vacation in Colorado, before handing duties over to his top lieutenants Brad Spence (Executive Chef and Partner, Amis ), Jeff Michaud Executive Chef and Partner, Osteria) and Steve Wildy (Beverage Director). Vetri returns on Monday while hosting an Industry Night with Scott Schroeder of American Sardine Bar. Be sure to follow along all through Labor Day weekend.