Design Solution: How To Get People To Buy Ugly Fish

Supermarkets are noticing that customers are shying away from more sustainable fish options like mackerel and skate because they're not as easy on the eye as salmon and tuna. Although just as delicious and cheaper than most other varieties, these fish aren't lookers by any means! Enter Ian Ferguson, a London-based artist and designer who designed these smart packages to encourage people to purchase fish that usually scare consumers off, but which can help sustain the world's dwindling fish populations.

The packages developed by Ferguson encourage customers to try something different than the usual tuna, salmon, cod or bass, with mackarel and others placed in eye-catching, minimalist packages. They are constructed from double-layered polyethylene, they're airtight and can be filled with ice. The packaging also includes information such as where the fish was caught.

We can't wait till these cool packages hit our local fishmonger. Check them out below.

via notcot