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To get to the Noma test kitchen one must walk the mean streets of Christianshavn, a neighborhood in Copenhagen that is as tough as the docks at Sausalito. As in, not very tough at all. It’s a beautifully maintained stretch of former military buildings and more modern apartment complexes, separated by crisscrossing canals.

Noma sits at the end of one of these streets in a converted 18th Century warehouse. The restaurant is located on the ground floor, while the spacious test kitchen is above. It is here where chef René Redzepi goes to work — which he explained in our rapid-fire interview. Yeast was on the mind. Here are some shots of the action at Strandgade 93.

A wall of reference and recipe books sits below Noma’s three (consecutive) San Pellegrino’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards. Noma was number one.

The grand room where the Noma staff holds meetings and the nightly family meal.

Staff lockers, quintessentially Danish in design.

René Redzepi and a staff member.

Noma staff meal: salad, roasted vegetables, pasta, pork loin, frozen bananas

Chocolate-covered frozen bananas. A future menu item perhaps?

Redzepi shooting an Instagram photo for Food Republic.

American Lars Williams (right), formerly of WD-50, heads Noma’s experimental test kitchen.

Working on a yeast-flavored English toffee in the Noma test kitchen.

Noma staff meal.

René Redzepi in the kitchen at Noma.

Outside Noma.

The world’s #1 restaurant.