Word Of The Day: Chewettes

Bigger is better unless, of course, we're talking about chewettes. It may be Game Of Thrones off-season, but brushing up on your medieval pie cookery couldn't hurt.

Chewettes are Medieval talk for small meat pies. It's not so much the old unrefrigerated pies that interests us as the recipes we found online. Check this one out:

"Take and make faire paste of floure, water, saffron, and salt; And make rownde cofyns there-of; and then make stuff as thou doest for rissheshewes, and put the stuff in the Coffyns, and couer the coffyns with the same paaste, and fry hem in goode oyle as thou doest risshshewes, and serue hem forthe hote in the same maner."

Whaatt? Coffyns? That's about all the food history we have patience for today.

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