Is The World Ready For KFC Flying Stars?

Love or hate or loathe KFC, it's a fact that they've done a good job in rolling out new products that attract a ton of buzz. You may remember back in 2010 when the freaking New York Times restaurant critic Sam Sifton took time out of his busy day to sample the Double Down — a heinous "sandwich" with two boneless chicken cutlets serving as the bread, and bacon and Monterey Jack cheese as the filling. They sold a lot of those 720-calorie sandwiches, ironically and not so ironically.

So when news hit that a new product was launching in Singapore, we had to ask ourselves — are KFC Shrimp Stars the new Double Down? Let's take a look at the product, first reported by blog Yummy Chit Chat. The flying stars are not flying fish, but shrimp — ground up, battered and molded into five points. There is no mention of sauce, but we'd speculate something syrupy like a sweet chili sauce. Four stars, fries and a Pepsi runs 3.95 Singapore Dollars (about $3.15 UDS). Have you tried KFC shrimp stars? Hit us up on Twitter with a photo and a story.

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