FR Office Survey: What Do You Not Eat For Lunch Anymore?

When I'm not suggesting what to eat for lunch, I'm poring over all the great lunch-related texts of the world researching global lunch habits, customs and history. I've just broached the topic of cultural anthropology and am diving straight into the question that has been plaguing culinary historians for decades: what do you not eat for lunch anymore, and why?

A quick office survey of the office produced the following results:

Matt Rodbard, Contributing Editor: "I don't eat bulgogi anymore because my doctor told me it would...well I stopped eating it under doctor's strict orders. I used to go to Woorijip and Kum Gang San every day and that was not smart. Bulgogi's great once in a while, but now I eat vegan salads."

Eva Karagiorgas, Marketing Director: "Sandwiches, I ate them all the time — gourmet subs from Italian places. But now I'm basically vegetarian until dinner, otherwise I feel tired. I eat a lot for dinner because I usually go out."

George Embiricos, Editorial Intern: "Sushi, because the lunch specials are usually either too small or all rolls, which gets sickening after a while. And Chipotle because there are only so many combinations and it has a taste that sticks with you, not to mention the ridiculous lines and deceivingly uncheap tabs."

And Editorial Director Richard Martin's story is one I hear far too often. People who only eat turkey sandwiches may want to stop reading now. I'll leave a space for you to avert your eyes.

Every day for lunch, for years, Richard had a turkey and cheese sandwich, and now he's off poultry for life. I've seen him turn down wings. Wings I made in the test kitchen. Now if I had to give up one protein for life it'd be poultry, no contest. It's boring and, as of late, officially sketchy in the processing department. But there is no reason you have to experience lunch burnout like this. Identify and isolate your weakness and eliminate it, whether it's food that's unhealthy, too heavy or just boring.

What do you no longer eat for lunch? If enough people tell me in the comments below, I get my cultural anthropology badge.

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