Coffee Transportation: Five Cool Travel Mugs

You buy the $15 bag of freshly roasted coffee beans — fair trade, of course — and use a Chemex. Clearly, you put a lot of thought into your morning brew. So why carry it around in a dumb-looking travel mug that came in the grab bag from last year's work retreat?

Because we strongly believe you are what you drink, here are five options to really get you going in the morning, from a hot rod-inspired mug that actually heats up to a savvy lid for a homespun take on repurposed mason jars (cause we're not sick of those).

The Cuppow (as in "Kapow!) comes in two sizes—regular and wide-mouth—and fits on most standard-issue canning jars for an eco-conscious, though not the best insulated, solution to the usual coffee vessel. One big perk: the versatility means you can choose whatever size jar your day calls for. ($8 at Cuppow's online shop)[/caption]
Control freaks will especially appreciate this cool gadget, which comes with an AC adapter that plugs into a car's cigarette lighter and heat its contents. A thermometer, meanwhile, keeps track of the progress. Available in red and black. ($25 at ThinkGeek) [/caption]
For tea drinkers, this microwave-safe travel mug comes with a drop-down basket for loose or bagged tea, which can be raised and lowered with a clever side lever. ($20 the MoMA store)[/caption]
The Wave Commuter mug's understated porcelain design is reason alone to pick one up. It also comes with a sleek sliding metal lid, and its own drip filter. (Approx. $70 at Charles & Marie)[/caption]
Ceramic-made and bearing the trademark stripes as Pendleton's classic Glacier Park blanket, this portable cup mimics the same feel and heft of your usual coffee mug. ($28 at Pendleton)[/caption]