...Taco Trucks Too? What's Going On In Paris?

As a truck passes by on Boulevard Raspail, on Paris' Left Bank, the smell of spices and grilled meat waft in the air. Jordan Feilders is behind the wheel. The 29-year-old San Franciscan lived in Paris as a child, and moved back after falling in love with a French girl in Africa. The mix of cultures continues on the stovetop, where Feilders cooks up tacos in Paris' first taco truck, Cantine California.

Cantine California's menu includes organic hamburgers, crispy french fries and pork tacos with fresh coriander and a side of fresh mesclun, avocado and lime salad. For dessert there are cupcakes and brownies — strikingly American desserts in these parts. The menu is very "dans l'air du temps" (fashionable, or of the moment...) All the meat comes from local, organic farms in the French countryside — Rhone Alps, Poitou and Pays de la Loire.

Cantine California followed Le Camion Qui Fume, France's first food truck's success. Since then, burger mania is raging in France.

Today, one million burgers are consumed in France everyday, a huge number coming from the country of baguette and Pot Au Feu.

It's hard to say if more American-style food trucks are on their way. The bureaucracy makes it very difficult to get the proper permits, but the buzz around Cantine California and Le Camion certainly suggest that more trucks could be rolling into Paris soon.

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