Gallery Girl By Day, Wine Critic By Night

Gallery Girls is a new Bravo show that follows seven residents of the clubby, boozy, high-pitched-voiced New York City gallery scene. Or, the "gallery scene" as dictated by a Burbank studio exec.

Last night's episode, the show's second, was just great. Viewers found out what it's like to run a gallery/jewelry store in NYC (it involves throwing parties, cleaning up after parties and opening the electric bill with an exaggerated moan). So, it's sort of like your first apartment at the beginning of sophomore year of college.

One of the show's stars, Chantal Chadwick, grew up in Georgia and moved to NYC as an aspiring dancer. The Huffington Post caught up with her for a profile: "In a phone interview, Chantal seemed incredibly similar to how she is portrayed on the show, which means she is the worst of what we associate with Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She's hip, flaky, and only pays attention to what her insular friend group is doing at any given moment."

But what the HuffPo writer didn't mention is that Chadwick is also an aspiring sommelier. On last night's episode we found her with a group of her girls at a downtown wine bar. Consuming bottles and bottles of wine, as it turns out, is essential in the life of a gallery girl. (Along with ordering lychee martinis and truffled mac and cheese; there's a 2008 vibe going on with this show.)

Anyways, Chadwick inquired if the wine, a Pinot Noir, was "from France." The server answered that it was from Oregon, in which Chadwick responded that she "doesn't like wines from Oregon."

Thankfully, the server was able to fetch her something from France. Tune in next week when Chadwick takes a stance against Vermont Cheddar.

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